Tim Wehde
As a seasoned video producer with over 13 years of experience, I specialize in creating compelling content for the rifle and hunting outdoor industry. My journey began in local TV news, where I honed my videography skills before transitioning into producing captivating outdoor and travel stories. Today, I thrive as a freelance videographer and video editor, crafting engaging content for YouTube, social media, and television.

My expertise lies in seamlessly weaving together visuals and narratives to tell impactful stories. Whether it's a short social media clip or a 22-minute TV show, I excel in editing and photography, bringing each project to life with creativity and precision.

One of my recent accomplishments includes documenting a humanitarian project in Cuba, where I had the opportunity to support local churches and uncover their needs. This experience reinforced my commitment to using my skills for meaningful projects that make a difference.

What sets me apart is my hands-on approach and willingness to tackle challenges head-on. I thrive in demanding environments, embracing tough situations with enthusiasm and dedication. My problem-solving skills and methodical approach ensure that I find effective solutions, even in the face of adversity.

I'm deeply passionate about continuous growth and evolution in my craft. I stay informed about industry trends through conversations with peers and friends, always seeking opportunities to enhance my skills and techniques.

Outside of work, I find joy in exploring the great outdoors and embarking on new adventures. Whether it's capturing breathtaking landscapes or diving into adrenaline-fueled sports, I'm always eager to immerse myself in new experiences.

Looking ahead, my goal is to continue pushing boundaries and redefining the way content is produced and marketed. I strive to leave a lasting impact on every project I undertake, aiming for that moment of pride when I can say, "I did that!"

Specialties: Videography, Editing, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, 3D Graphics