MOA Rifles
​​​​​​​MOA Rifles is a company I work with to do marketing, photography and video production for different rifles and products they produce and sell on their various sites. These images show the various rifle lines they produce. Some of the images also incorporate some of the other products they sell on their websites. 
Badrock Rifles
BadRock Rifles is a competition line of rifles under the MOA Rifles brand. Here are just a few brand pictures I took for them. 
MOVE - Mission Esperanza
Mission Esperanza is a non-profit dedicated to rebuilding churches and aiding Cuban communities. I was tasked to document the mission of "Mission Esperanza." Armed with my camera and video gear, I delved into the heart of Cuba, capturing the raw reality of our efforts. Through authentic imagery and footage, I portrayed the resilience of the Cuban people and the tangible impact of our mission, extending an earnest invitation for others to join us in making a difference.

Pursue The Wild - Colorado Turkey Hunt With Kristy Titus
Along with documenting and filming a hunt for a Television show, these images are taken along the trip for sponsorship images and content for different companies. This hunt coincides with Kristy Titus's show Pursue The Wild and Tetra hearing. 
TOAST n' Jam
Toast n' Jam is a local band to Central Oregon that asked me to document with photo and video some of their concerts. These are a few images of their concerts they had around the area. 
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